The rebel, the black sheep

Growing up, the black sheep of the family was always considered a rebel and not a favourable person to be within an extended family. Looking back on people I’ve known to be the rebel, I feel a respect for their confidence in eschewing social norms, the things that are expected of them. Perhaps being aContinue reading “The rebel, the black sheep”

Feeling less than when you’re at home with kids

Getting ahead cannot be the only motive that motivates people. You have to imagine what a good life is. Henry Giroux Being a stay at home parent is hard work, it’s beginning to feel thankless and it’s relentless. It’s not valued much by society. Everyone asks me what I do for work, and everyone isContinue reading “Feeling less than when you’re at home with kids”

The unequalness of household chores after baby

Listening to Weekend Life Matters on Radio National (via podcast) on my way to Toy Library duty this morning, I was inspired to share how minimalism has enabled our household to more fairly share the household chores since we began our family in 2015. I am absolutely a type A personality and have always pridedContinue reading “The unequalness of household chores after baby”