The rebel, the black sheep

Growing up, the black sheep of the family was always considered a rebel and not a favourable person to be within an extended family. Looking back on people I’ve known to be the rebel, I feel a respect for their confidence in eschewing social norms, the things that are expected of them. Perhaps being a … Continue reading The rebel, the black sheep

Kids do well, if they can

Ross Greene has a powerful idea about how to reframe our thinking about kid’s behaviour. The objective of this book, and many like it, along with countless blogs, Facebook groups and experts in the fields of psychology, teaching, and social work, is to empower parents to step back and recognise their child is normal and … Continue reading Kids do well, if they can

How to stop buying stuff

I’m reading a book at the moment called “The Rent Collector” by Camron Wright. The main character lives in a rubbish dump and her family have for generations. The well-written illustration of the waste society generates is a powerful visual image we could all learn from. The purpose of this blog has always been about … Continue reading How to stop buying stuff

The value of things

With the price of clothing, jewellery, shoes and home decor plummeting in the past 50 years, we have lost perspective. When previous generations wore things until they were worn or not repairable, we now have multiple versions of things… How many pairs of shoes do we really need? How many coats, jumpers, pairs of socks? … Continue reading The value of things

Slow, simple days

The beautiful thing about being home with my boys, and my husband being home studying, is we can take things slow. Building and playing Lego is a huge part of our life, especially with our eldest who needs lots of quiet time. We also have a wonderful yard now since we moved to the country, … Continue reading Slow, simple days


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