Is it ethical?

Is it ethical to spend billions on space missions to the Moon and Mars?
Is it ethical to spend millions on movies?
Is it ethical to spend hundreds of thousands on homes?

Is it ethical? Personally, I don’t think so.

Why are we continuing to ignore the impending catastrophe of climate change?

Scientists are almost unanimous… NASA has a whole section of their website dedicated to climate change science.

Leonardo Di Caprio just made a movie called ‘Don’t Look Up’ which is a horrifying parody of our current situation.

The pandemic has been linked to climate change. The continuously mutating variants feel like a reminder of all that has gone wrong with our world.

So many people recognise the need to stop the madness, stop rampant consumerism, stop global travel on the massive scale its become, stop the waste, stop the mindless entertainment.

But it’s not enough. Sometimes it feels like the needle in the haystack. How can we encourage more people, the majority of people to shift their lifestyles to a more eco-friendly and non-planet killing approach.

But is it going to be enough? It’s 2022. We have 8 years left to stop the worst outcomes. What is it going to take?

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