Coronavirus – COVID-19

These days are frightening or maddening for most. Some of our society have panicked and bought large amount of food and supplies, while others continue their lives with no change, assured it is all overhyped. It’s difficult to know the truth in our saturated media environment. Every media outlet has some sort of agenda, whether it is political or not. The most unbiased sources are often not believed to be unbiased.

We have to rely on our own critical thinking and judgement. We have to take the right steps for ourselves and our families. Having empathy for those around us is critical; while we may not be unwell, can we confidently say we have no chance of passing the virus onto someone else?

Doomsday preppers are probably rejoicing for their time in the sun. All of that hard work in preparing for catastrophe means they can sit back and relax. Those with no savings, no plan, and no supplies are probably very concerned. Permaculturists have no doubt found themselves in a comfortable position with food in their properties and a sense of self and community reliance that’s hard to beat.

So what can we do?

  1. Make sure you have two weeks worth of nonperishable food. Rice, beans, pasta, frozen veg, canned veg. Be sensible and really think about how much you actually need.
  2. Make sure you have medications and basic medical supplies.
  3. Work from home, stay home and spend time in nature with your family – avoiding shopping centres, public places with lots of people.
  4. If you are finding yourself in financial stress, look at all of your options. Can you pick up some freelance work on Upwork? What costs can you cut? Make a plan for the future and start saving for an emergency fund.
  5. Check on your family, friends and neighbours. Call and ask if they need help. Especially anyone who needs additional help – those with disabilities or older age.
  6. Share resources and ideas for home learning with families who are keeping children home.
  7. Be as calm as possible – especially for those with children. Don’t let them become anxious because you are not coping.
  8. It’s OK to be afraid, but make a plan so you can work on feeling more safe and comfortable.
  9. Practice mindfulness and meditation. Keep exercising and eating well.
  10. Choose one source of news and don’t Google everything.

Best health to all.

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