Returning home from travel

Personally there is nothing more refreshing yet frustrating than returning from a trip where you have lived happily with few items, to a house full of items. Of course, you can be happy to see some things you missed, but on the whole, the feeling I experience is overwhelm and suffocation.

I’ve written about this before, when travelling, it can be a good reminder of what is essential. Enough clothes for a few days, a device of some sort for internet, reading etc, toiletries and for kids, a few toys. But when we return to our homes full of books, kitchen gear, clothing and a mountain of toys, are we better for it?

I tend to think most of us would feel overwhelmed at the idea of unpacking from a trip. Yet, every day we live with ALL of our things, tidying and arranging them. Some of us have less, and some have more, but it is a universal practice – organising.

Perhaps we can learn from our experiences of travel and pare back our belongings to only what we really need. I’m off to do just that.


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