Slow, simple days

The beautiful thing about being home with my boys, and my husband being home studying, is we can take things slow.

Building and playing Lego is a huge part of our life, especially with our eldest who needs lots of quiet time.

We also have a wonderful yard now since we moved to the country, and our youngest particularly likes to roam around just exploring in his own time. The yard is mostly safe with some reasonable risks, good for his development.

Since we moved, we both have more time to tinker and potter, in the house, the shed or garden. We’ve already done quite a lot of work (can’t rest / ADHD) on the whole place and we are so thrilled with it.

It’s a very simple and modest 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom 1970s home. But its size is one of the most appealing aspects. In our culture where bigger and more expensive is usually revered, we feel more relaxed and cosy in our small space.

While we also recognise how lucky we are to be able to be home, it’s also the result of living frugally, of not consuming much, making smart choices, particularly around debt.

The benefits are clear to us, but of course, many people still feel the fancy car, high powered job are the keys to happiness. They have every right to feel this way, but the old adage about the rat race is keenly felt by many.

As we shift towards a more self sufficient model of living, we are beginning to set up our own food production, learning about permaculture, and becoming more involved in our community.

All of these factors are part of living intentionally; making choices about the kind of life you want according yo what you value.

Our goals for this year are to start working on increasing our investments as we pursue financial freedom. Have been reading Mr Money Moustache and The Frugalwoods to gain lots of ideas and insights.


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