The death of the personal blog and making everything professional

Recently I read a blog post from Jane at The Shady Baker about the death of the personal blog and it did strike me as true. Most blogs now are so professional and while it’s fair and reasonable, it’s also kind of sad. As a professional communicator and marketer, I see the reason for this but I also feel we are losing the personal connection, as bloggers become brands. It’s the same with Instagram, my favourite accounts don’t do sponsored ads or collaborations. I guess this really points to the fact that I’m craving simplicity, personal connection, openness and transparency.

The bushfires are so intensely difficult to process – it’s opening something up inside of me. The fake news, the proliferation of arguments why it’s not related to climate change, those claiming its arson, the ‘thoughts and prayers’ and the ‘it’s not the time’ comments – they are all so infuriating and maddening.

THIS IS THE TIME. It’s time to truly stand up and make a difference. You have to stop hiding behind your phone, worrying about what your family or neighbours think. We have to stop mindlessly consuming, driving everywhere, buying cheap shit – we have to start thinking and recognising our bad habits. We are all guilty of it, and if we could all do something small, it would make a huge difference.

I have no interest in returning to my grandmother’s patriarchal society – but I do see immense value in the way they treated the planet, the way they consumed food and resources – THAT is worth revisiting.

So in the spirit of all of that, I’ve closed some of my other blogs and plan to share everything I am interested in and write about on this one blog. No fancy marketing, no content plans, just thoughts and ideas streamed whenever I can.


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