Bucket lists in reverse

I have a huge love of magazines and have recently discovered Breathe and Mindful Parenting created by Lovatts media group. Carol Anne Strange wrote a fantastic article about bucket lists in the most recent edition of Breathe (no 17).

Social media and the comparison trap can truly make us feel so unaccomplished, so mediocre and leave us wanting more, and thus not appreciating what we have. This is sad as we all have great accomplishments and dreams we have worked hard to realise. Carol’s advice in the article is to create a reverse bucket list of personal and career accomplishments and dreams that came true to essentially practice mindfulness and gratitude – a sure way to feel proud and assured about your path.

My reverse bucket list

  • Winning State Eventing Championships in 2000 on my horse “The Boss”.
  • Travelling around Europe on a solo 5 month trip in 2008
  • Reaching executive level in my Corporate Communications career
  • Having two beautiful children
  • Meeting my husband and having a beautiful wedding
  • Travelling to 25 countries (so far!) in my attempt to visit as many as possible throughout my lifetime
  • Completing Grade Eight piano exams and passing!
  • Completing Yr 12
  • Completing a double degree at University
  • Being accepted into an Honours Degree (will complete one day I hope!)

There is a time and place for bucket lists but sometimes it’s good to look back too and remind yourself of everything you have already done and the amazing places you have been. Well done!

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