Cultivating happiness and contentment through gratitude and intentional positivity

Darker days are challenging to get through especially for a parent who has perhaps been up all night with an ill child, and is thus sleep deprived while toddlers magically seem to cope OK. 

After a very bad night on Friday involving extremely bad constipation causing a lot of painful reflux and regurgitation, our day on Saturday involved doing as little as possible. 

This morning we have woken up fresher after a better sleep and it made me think about gratitude and positive thinking. In my goal to be intentional across all areas of my life, should I be intentional about my psoitivity too? Despite the things that are difficult, I have so many blessings and gifts in my life, so many things to be grateful for. 

I came across this 30 day challenge via and it struck me as the perfect challenge for me at this time!

So day 1 is today and I encourage anyone to think about their happiness and thinking patterns and to consider being intentional about those. 

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