Postnatal depression and anxiety week

I have found sharing my anxiety and worries really difficult with friends and family. This blog had helped a bit but I feel much more disconnected by writing about it than speaking about it. Last year about this time, I agreed to share my story with The Geelong Advertiser during Postnatal depression and anxiety week. This year, I am resharing the story on the blog (which I didn’t do last year) to raise awareness.

Importantly, not all PND or PNA looks the same; in my case, it was very much due to the stress of an unwell baby, but in others there can be no obvious reason. This does not change the diagnosis, nor does it change ultimately how the mother (or father) feels. I believe one of the reasons for anxiety and depression is linked to the expectations we place on ourselves and that we feel society is placing on us, and our drive to try to achieve “perfect motherhood status”.

If sharing my story helps one person, it is worth it.

Click here to read the story.

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