Is life too much sometimes?

Life is hard, and beautiful. Sometimes the easiest way to make life more manageable is just to let go of things. Consider different commitments and beliefs you have about your life and choose some to let go. Perhaps you can do it as a trial, or maybe you are certain it no longer holds a place of importance in your life.

For me, letting go is to stop caring about rules. Life has so many shoulds and rules and what I’ve realised is that most of them don’t matter, not really. 

So I don’t care if I hold my toddler while he sleeps every night while I enjoy my favourite TV shows. I don’t care if I eat buckwheat pancakes for breakfast and dinner. I don’t care if my floors are not sparkling. 

I care about my mind, my health and my family. Thus, by lowring, reducing or removing the rules that govern my life, I’m freeing myself to focus on what truly matters (to me).

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