On being outside


My son loves to be outdoors. Two days ago we went to a small town called Forrest in the Otway Ranges in Victoria, Australia. It’s a short 1 hour drive from our home and the perfect nap time for our son.

He’s only 20 months but he plays like he’s at least three. He climbs and runs, slides and crawls his way around any play equipment determined to be just like any other kid.

He’s perfect.

For me, the definition of a happy kid has to include one that loves to be outdoors. I think it’s primal, I think kids really just naturally enjoy it. I worry about the future of our world when so many people especially kids are not connected to it.

At the end of the day when we got ready to get back into the car, I was covered in mud, I was wet and so was he, but he was so happy, and tired, and ready for a nap.

I try to encourage other mums I know to just let their kids get dirty, let them run around outside (with supervision of course).

They learn so much from the outdoors and our future depends on them loving it.

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