Why a child with GORD makes Christmas difficult

I thought I’d share some things that make Christmas difficult for parents of a child that has some medical issues.
  • Can’t go anywhere at nighttime due to the screaming and difficulty getting child to sleep anywhere but in my arms
  • So tired from very little sleep so going anywhere is hard anyway due to the exhaustion and fear of falling asleep while driving
  • Have to manage medicines while travelling
  • Other people hype up our child when he needs to sleep
  • Food that is safe for our child isn’t readily available so you have to bring it
  • Being outside can sometimes affect our child’s respiratory issues due to hay-fever
  • Staying overnight at a relatives house or even in a hotel can be distressing. The change of environment unsettles our child and he sleeps more poorly (if possible!). It is also hard for the parents as we may be up for hours with the child and not have access to our regular things to occupy the time such as Netflix, special foods, tea, the reclining armchair. Might sound trivial but night after night of sitting up for hours takes its toll.
  • Being far away from hospitals can be scary.

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