Why minimalism for mothers


Today women are pressured in so many ways to be better than they already are.


Advertising has portrayed an ideal version of a woman in order to encourage women to spend money on things that align with the ideal woman. Whether its beauty products, clothing or fitness programs, it’s all designed to make women fit into an advertisers vision.

I’m fed up with it, I’m tired of trying to keep up with the women around me who have entirely different views on how their lives should be. It’s OK to be different.

Even though I’m tired of it, and I have no doubt many women feel the same, there are a lot of women who still haven’t realised they have a choice.

Everyday I hear women complain about their weight, their appearance, how busy they are, how frazzled they feel, how they don’t have enough time, money or a good enough house. I know that there is a simple answer.

It’s OK to step back and take time to contemplate your life. Solitude is good, and important.

When you become a new mother, you are bombarded with messages from family, friends, the media and health professionals about what you should be doing. From feeding to bedtime routines, to cute outfits and exercise; it’s like there is a formula for parenting that we are all supposed to follow.

This is the key to the issue. There is not one way to live, there are many ways. For some, routines and cute outfits make them happy. But I believe that a lot of women are going into debt over those cute outfits, and are so unconscious in their purchasing that they don’t realise there is another path.

Cute outfits are just one part of the problem, and in particular the debt and environmental impact of clothing is huge. But so many mothers choose to sleep train, to stop breastfeeding, to feed purees for their own benefit. Infants and young children are attached to their mothers for a reason. Moving away from what is natural to the artificial means parents get space, a baby who fits into their schedule and less mess. However, in this process we lose our animal instincts that provide us the tools to be better parents.

I believe my purpose in life is to share this message and to empower women and especially mothers or mothers-to-be to feel confident to say, “No, I don’t want to do that.”

I want mothers to be able to design the life they want. To choose things, people and activities that add value to their life.

“Use things, love people. The opposite never works” the minimalists

If you are tired of trying to keep up with other women, stop. It’s OK.

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