Let go, and float

Reading Leo Babuta’s email this morning about stress really resonated with me.

I’ve got a bad habit of grinding my teeth when I’m stressed; something I did in Year 12, and something I did when I was going through some tough stuff with family and work about 6 years ago. But now, I’m doing it again.

We’ve had a lot on our plates in the past year as a family. Ripley’s birth and being unwell caused a lot of stress obviously, but then changes at Ben’s work, Ripley being diagnosed with GORD, and then my working as a freelancer created stress but we were still coping. Throw in a move to another city and Ben starting full-time university studies, and the changes, significant ones, have created tension no matter how hard we’ve worked to overcome it.

We’ve just sold our home in Melbourne and are happy with the result. And this will allow us to buy here, have a smaller mortgage and not worry about being in a rental. Although renting has been OK, it’s not as good as owning especially with a child.

I keep telling myself to LET GO and to STOP WORRYING. But it’s a lot easier said, than done. But I keep going, because that’s what we do. We keep trying, we don’t give up on ourselves, trying to improve ourselves, change our thinking and patterns of behaviour. It’s worth it.

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