Decorating minimalist style

One thing about minimalism that can be surprising is that minimalists don’t fit in one box. We don’t all own a certain number of things or all live in tiny homes. It’s not an one-size-fits-all ideology. At the core of minimalism is the intention of living simply and intentionally. What that means to an individual can vary between people, and of course, it can ebb and flow over time.

I love minimalism. I love the peace it brings and the new perspective on life its given me. But I also have a passion for vintage items, I have a child and I love magazines. So my house is definitely not a clutter-free zone. I often gaze upon rooms of my house and think “argh there is so much clutter”. But in reality, it’s probably fairly low level, but each time I get rid of stuff, my tolerance level for stuff goes down. It’s a bit of a never-ending quest.

I’m trying to find the time, between wrangling my almost toddler (GASP!) and working from home to keep working through my home to declutter and ultimately style it the way I want it. On a major budget of course.

At the moment we are living in a rented premises so of course I can only do superficial styling, which is sort of a reprieve after all the renovating we’ve done. I wanted to share some of my inspiration.

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