But what does she know?

I have already in my 9 months as a mother be subjected to the mummy wars. Often I fear saying something or writing my opinion because I’ll be judged as too inexperienced. But lately, I’ve started to think the opposite.

Not everyone is observant, not everyone is an avid reader and researcher. I am. That puts me in a position I think to absorb a lot of different perspectives and opinions, which often lead me in a direction.

Much like a journalist navigating facts to develop a story, my analytical mind is processing information about my experience as a parent and comparing it to every other parent I know or read about. Somehow, in the way our brains have such an amazing capability to process information, I have found myself having so much to write about and share.

But I’m aware I could come across sounding just a little preachy, or just a little bit like “what does she know”. I definitely don’t know anything for sure, I just have some hunches. I don’t want to start a mummy war, I just want to share, I want to write and discuss, to open a conversation on parenting. I don’t want to be scared I’ll offend, I want to hope that I might change a perspective, perhaps offer a new option. And I hope to learn.

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