Myth #2 – Breast milk isn’t enough

He probably needs more solids if you are having to breastfeed him that much.

Another one of my favourites, breastfeeding isn’t only about getting calories, it’s soothing. And replacing my boob with a dummy doesn’t serve any purpose except giving me a chance to get away. I don’t want to get away, I like breastfeeding my child and the bond it creates. Also just because you believe that breast milk isn’t that powerful, doesn’t mean I have to buy into it. 

The other thing is, solids from about 6 months is the starting place. I had no idea how slow the process would be, but sometimes Ripley will eat heaps and other times nothing at all. It is called weaning because it happens gradually. 

And believe me, I’ve tried giving him more solids hoping he’d sleep longer at night and it doesn’t work. What does work is letting him feed on demand, breast or solids, giving him as much or as little as he wants. He seems to be happier and does sleep slightly better. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert, just an expert in Ripley Faraday Cram. I don’t want to offend but I also think it is important that the realities of parenting are acknowledged. If my thoughts offend you, I’m sorry, but please just move on

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