Is breast best? For me, it is.

In many instances, breastfeeding is a luxury for women who are physically able and have a lot of time and support.

No, I didn’t write that, I never would. Kasey Edwards wrote this piece for  just posted this morning.

I get that some women can’t breastfeed. And in some unfortunate cases, women don’t try long enough and start a slippery slope of supplementing which does decrease supply. Many don’t feel supported or just don’t want to. It is a choice of course.

But for those who do fight tooth and nail to keep going despite many challenges, telling us it’s a luxury because we have a lot of time and support is very confronting and offensive.

I’m not alone in the challenges I have faced which include:

  • Expressing round the clock for four weeks while my baby was in hospital.
  • Battling breast thrust and mastistis for three months
  • Keeping up supply through anxiety and immune problems related to coeliac disease and arthritis
  • Feeding a baby with severe reflux, known as GORD, while he screams and arches his back, wanting more but it making him sick
  • Restricting my diet to avoid foods that he is allergic to at the moment

All of this I have done to avoid paying $350 a tin for prescription formula. It’s not a luxury, I’ve fought very hard for it, and it is worth it, thank you very much.



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