Our first weekend in Geelong

We got home this morning from our first weekend at our new home in Geelong. The word home is so odd in this situation where we currently have two homes.

Our home for the past three years has been bittersweet. At one stage my friend Nancy actually wanted to get a priest to bless our home as we had so many bad things happen one after another. I’m not religious but I admit I really started to wonder if it would help.

When we fell pregnant we really thought the bad stuff was behind us but it kept coming when Ripley was born. And that was the worst; surely now we are on a better run and can have some wins?

Our first weekend in Geelong held the promise of fun and good times. We had planned to look around, visit the beach and fall in love with our new suburb. But a massive heatwave with temperatures of 43 degrees celcius kept us mostly indoors. Funny how things play out, isn’t it.

In any case, we really like our new (rented) home. It has lovely features, it is elevated and has plenty of space. We really want to live intentionally, not filling the empty spaces with things we don’t need. For us, this move is all about living intentionally. We only have one life and one chance to live it how we wish, so act accordingly.

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