When change is a good thing

So I can finally share some very big news that most of our friends and all of our family now know… we are moving to Geelong. We have been talking about making a move to a regional town for a number of years but our jobs had always been based in or near the city so it didn’t make sense. And then when Ripley was born we realised we were following a path in life that wasn’t really intentional, it was just what people did; buy a house in the suburbs, have kid, work full-time in the city. When Ripley was so sick and in the first few days we didn’t know if he was going to be OK, it gave us some true clarity about our life.


So big changes are ahead; Ben will be studying in a new field so we have more flexibility on where we live, I will work part-time as a freelance hoping to make writing for magazines a permanent thing in time, but making ends meet with comms work. We aren’t totally sure if Geelong is forever so we are keeping our home in Melbourne for the time being and will just rent.

So right now, in the lead up to Christmas we are madly trying to finish the last few jobs around our home so we can rent it out, we are packing and of course trying to cope with a child who still needs almost 100% of our attention. It’s not easy! But it’s going to be worth it, for the lifestyle Geelong will provide. 10 minute drive to the beach anyone?

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  1. That’s so exciting! We floated the idea of a sea change a while back but life took us in another direction which has been a very happy one.

    Best of luck with the move, it’s not easy but once it’s done, then the adventures can begin!


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