The sweetest things

Ripley is growing up so fast. Wow. It’s such an overwhelming roller coaster of emotions. As I type this, he is lying on his mat, blowing raspberry after raspberry, rolling around playing with his toys. He decided to skip his afternoon nap today, favouring playing with toys and feeding off and on instead.

It always strikes me as amazing when you are having a tough time and suddenly they learn a new skill. I’ve read that when you are having a tough time, you may realise they are just learning a new skill. Just three days ago, Ripley sat unassisted for the first time. He loves it and was so proud of himself.

Here is is having another go at it.IMG_20151115_101001.jpg

Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing, every week turns into another month and suddenly he’s closer to turning one than being born. I’m so proud to be his mama. He is so social and interactive, and he is putting on weight at a rapid pace (no wonder I’m so tired!). His reflux and allergy symptoms are improving but it’s still a pretty big issue. I just hope he feels like he’s getting better.

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