All I want for Christmas

With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, I’m so reflective now that I have a child, on how I want Christmas to be. I remember Christmas being a wonderful time with my family, sharing food and laughs, games and gifts and my extended family coming together for the whole day in a very happy way. We were blessed that everyone was happy to do the same thing every year and have Christmas at our house, a large house on a farm with plenty of room for kids. The majority of families do it differently, alternating or moving around between families, or even trying to see two different families on the same day.

I never wanted to be a person who had to drive somewhere on Christmas Day. You know, sometimes you have this thing set in your mind, like a yardstick for when you know something is wrong, or has gone too far. Like when your regrowth is obvious in any light, or when you get dust on your hand picking something up, you know you have to act. Well this year, in order to see both sets of grandparents, for our baby boy’s first Christmas, we’d have to drive somewhere. And although, I’ve always said I didn’t want to do it, I know realise how important it is to me that we see them all. Although it’s just a day, another day, it is special.

On another note, I keep trying to tell anyone who will listen that less is more. That I don’t need more plastic, more teddies, more presents, more stuff for my baby, my house, my kitchen… It’s overwhelming enough with a baby but people do often tell me I just need this one more thing, a single use item that I just don’t feel I need. So I’m considering sending this list below to my family as a bit of insight into what I want for Christmas. Inspired by Real Simple

  • A baby that sleeps more consistently (hah!)
  • Someone else to walk my dogs
  • An automatic vacuum cleaner to pick up dog hair
  • The exact number of hours of freelance work to just fall in my lap
  • Time to read the books in my Google Play list, as well as money towards more books to add to the list that I will someday have time to read
  • Coffee beans.
  • No more stuff, less stuff
  • No plastic, of any kind. Nothing new, nothing that comes in packaging.
  • Glass to store food in, that I can buy that doesn’t come in plastic
  • An easy way to know that the produce I’m buying is not supporting big business
  • Time to write so I convince others to let go, let it go, let yourself off the hook, that it isn’t important, that it isn’t urgent. Make time for your family and friends, stop worrying about being busy and just live
  • For friends to call me more often
  • Wine (specifically white shiraz, I’ve really gotten into it)
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  1. It’s the hardest thing about trying to simplify your life and stuff… Convincing other people to go along with it! That said… White Shiraz does sound awesome!

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