An update on our experience with GORD

Wow, reflux is a minefield. At first, I thought it was just a simple job, give him some medication and it would fix it. 6 weeks on, he’s sleeping better and definitely calmer during the day but it’s not over, not at all. We still have lots of unsettled and irritable moments; yes babies are like this, but at nearly 6 months, Ripley should be feeding less often, more quickly and be overall a little more settled than he is. He acts like an erratic newborn sometimes.

I’ve recently discovered Meg Nagle of The Milk Meg and have really enjoyed her Facebook posts and blog/website. It’s nice to feel like I’m not crazy; I haven’t been able to follow a routine, or implement the feed/play/sleep routine suggested by the Maternal and Child Health Nurse. He just does not like it. So I know what I’m told he should be doing, but I know he can’t do it.

Now we are still doing nexium, plus gaviscon after feeds, but he still needs to be held upright for long periods of the day, and we still have days where he will scream lots, i.e. 5+ hours. He is starting to be happier on his back on the playmat (hence having time to write this blog post), but it’s early days.

I went completely off dairy as well as soy as he has a suspected Cow Milk Protein Allergy as well as Soy Protein Allergy. I haven’t challenged it (i.e. reintroduced it) as on doctor’s suggestion, it makes sense to wait until we can stop him refluxing. I now realise how often he is refluxing, I can hear it, I had no idea before.

If you know anyone with a baby with GORD, reflux that causes pain and screaming, as well as lots of vomiting, be sympathetic. It’s really hard.

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