Today I turned 32 and given the sleepless nights we’ve had lately, it was a low key day. I was happy not to have a party or a dinner because I am so tired looking after my little one.

The world we live in now is so fast paced and I find we are all so unaware of each others lives. I’m loathe to write about it in that it will seem like self-pity but I think it’s valid to comment on the situation.

I had 3 text messages, three calls and that’s it. Its hard to accept that only this many people remember your birthday and if most are family then while it counts, they would be hard pressed to forget it.

I feel invested in my friends lives, and try to stay up to date, try to stay in touch but it’s hard. Not only are we all so busy, but we have jobs, children and mortgages to think about.

Its times like these, quiet moments of reflection that make me even more resolute to pursue a simpler life so I don’t miss important moments and the chance to make someone feel loved.

We should all care about others and try to recognise when our lives are too busy. Although it’s hard, at the end of life, I know if I regret anything, it won’t be caring for others, it won’t be catching up with friends. It will be those missed moments, another year gone, another opportunity to celebrate, reflect and enjoy each other, gone.

And proof we can’t rely on technology, Facebook didn’t seem to remind anyone.

(If anyone reads this, please don’t feel bad if you missed it!)

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