10 Things You Don’t Need For A Newborn

There are many lists of what you must buy, but there are only a few that are written from the perspective of a minimalist, or at least someone trying to reduce their consumption. For my perspective on ten things I did not need (or use much) in these first three months, read more

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  1. Great article! And so true. I have found that there is a great informal network of mothers that means you have to buy very little! We’ve been given so many clothes and useful bits and pieces that we’re so grateful for… with the proviso that our house was too small to have anything that didn’t serve a purpose!

    1. Exactly! Our house might be three bedrooms but it’s not big and I love the feeling of space. I think people need to really examine why they need lots of new stuff. It’s not a popular opinion but why isn’t it more important to more people to care about the future of our planet etc…

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