Time is such a precious commodity

It strikes me in the early morning hours when I get up to feed and change my screaming son that while I wish he’d sleep through the night, the time is passing so quickly and I will never have this time again.

Lately all I have been thinking about is time. I spend about 8 hours of my day, or 33%, feeding Ripley. Probably another 2 hours changing or bathing. I spend perhaps 2 hours a day holding him and settling him in my arms. The rest of the time he is asleep, so out of a possible 12 hours, I have perhaps 4 or 5 usable hours to myself (with 7-8 hours for sleep). I’m actually incredibly lucky, but perhaps if I tracked my time diligently I’d find those numbers were a bit off.

What I’ve learnt so far is that I want to enjoy every moment not wish it away.

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