Why the essentials are all you need


One of my favourite blogs, Frugaling.org, is written by Sam Lustgarten. On Saturday, he posted an amazing article and I felt incredibly inspired, but also sad that I hadn’t been able to communicate my thoughts on minimalism is such a simple way. It was a reminder of storytelling, something I use in my professional life, but I hadn’t applied it much to this blog.

When you think about camping or any type of travelling, you are living life with less possessions. When you return home, do you walk into your house and think, thank goodness I’m back with my possessions? Rarely I think. I want to be back wherever I’ve been, or on another adventure. So why should we attach so much importance to our belongings? Why do we feel we need to keep consuming, that more books, clothes, kitchen appliances or toys will fulfil us? When so many of us long to travel more, to have more holidays and to see more places, why do we settle for the short term gratification of purchasing something?

Overcoming this thinking and retraining my brain to associate purchasing non-essentials with unhappiness is quickly becoming more and more important to me.

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