Small living and inspiring people

In Sullivan County, N.Y., Scott Newkirk’s 300 square foot home.

We live in a small house by average standards, at 120sqm or 1100sqft (for the Americans!) it’s not huge, but it’s certainly not small. Small living is generally considered to be a home that is 500sqft or less. But rules are not the important factor in understanding how those living small can inspire you.

With a new baby, I’m drawn more now to families living small, rather than just couples. Even though Ripley doesn’t walk, he still has a lot of stuff. While I’m extremely conscious of not bringing things into the home that he really does not need, he still needs certain things that take up lots of room (the cot he doesn’t sleep in yet rings a bell, why did we put it together again?). His bassinet is roomy, which means it will last a long time, but it too takes up a lot of space.

I wanted to share some inspiring families living small, some that I go to regularly to hear how they are enjoying their small but meaningful life.

Joanna of A Cup of Jo regularly features families living in small spaces as her and her husband Alex live in an apartment with two boys. She recently featured a family living in a 500 sqft home, 2 kids and 2 parents.

Alison and her husband and toddler Theo live in Vancouver in a 1 bedroom 600 sqft apartment.

I love articles like this one, how do they do it?

And one tiny home familywho extend their living using the outdoors.

Lastly, Brooke, an Australian who went through some difficult periods including post natal depression and came out the other side with the realisation she had been focused on the wrong things.

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  1. Carla, I will have to check these out. I have a friend who is big into tiny houses now and he’s got me looking into it. That would be a BIG change for us – not likely in the near future, but so inpiring!

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