Capsule wardrobe update

I’m due to do another capsule wardrobe because my last one was during pregnancy and now I’ve lost most of the weight already, I need to create a new capsule that is nursing friendly. A blogger who inspires me is Laura of Lovely Laura Life and she posted her new capsule overnight (no idea how she does it with a young baby of her own!) It’s inspired me to try to find the time to think my capsule through as my last one was such a fantastic experience.

I’m not a huge fan of the stock standard nursing tops, but I got a couple of long sleeve nursing tops from Angel Maternity which are especially helpful in the cold Melbourne winter that has just descended on us. I bought one in navy, grey and with stripes. Very reasonably priced too!

My general inspiration is a neutral pallet, quite simple with grey, black, white, beige and stripes. I have a lot of pieces like these, not necessarily identical but similar. I particularly like dressing in neutrals these days!


Even if I don’t have time to design the capsule, at least I can use this reference to edit my wardrobe. I’ve put all my maternity clothes away for my next pregnancy and am currently whittling away anything that doesn’t fit the above aesthetic. Eventually I’ll end up with a smaller wardrobe than ever of pieces I just love!

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  1. Ha! Thankfully my littlest one is just happy as a clam either attached to me or when being entertained by his big brother.;) There may have been a little too much ‘tech time’ for my oldest yesterday, but we were rained in anyway and he is just so gosh darn good! I love, love this! It will be a great focal point around which to ground any new/new to you purchases. Love the mix of modern, elegant and casual.

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