Uniform dressing

I often feel jealous of my husband who each day chooses a pair of jeans, normally what he’s worn the day before, a clean shirt and just gets dressed. Women have complicated the act of dressing for the day and for some, it works. But for others, it’s complicates life, adds to stress and perhaps it just isn’t necessary.

There has been a lot of coverage lately of capsule wardrobes, Courtney Carver started the 333 project a number of years ago and gradually more and more bloggers have jumped on board (myself included).

Taking it a step further, women such as Matilda Kahl have created a uniform of the same shirt and pants that she washes and re-wears. Matilda has 15 of the same white silk shirt and wears the same pair of black pants (I assume she owns a few pairs of black pants) each day. There is no mention of footwear, but she does add a black blazer on cooler days. I loved Joanna Goddard’s blog post on this topic.

I’m not sure I would go for a white shirt and black pants, but I like the idea of a uniform. I like the concept that successful people don’t want to make decisions that aren’t necessary. Its’ liberating in some ways. I’ve reduced my wardrobe to a capsule collection which reduces decisions but doesn’t eradicate them. I wonder what it would be like. I guess soon I’ll just be wearing the same pair of PJ’s while in the early days of a newborn, so I”ll let you know. Perhaps I’ll have a epiphany and invent the next cool thing like Steve Jobs.

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  1. Funny, but when we are at school and in my case a strict girls school with strict uniform policy I loved free dress. Now a days it can be a chore to work out what you want to wear and how easily it it can reflect your mood! Uniforms don’t do that as easily

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