How do you find peace?

We all looking for peace, balance or whatever you like to call it in different ways.


This picture is from the net, but it represents my outback upbringing. An experience I look back on that gives me a lot of peace. The wide open spaces, outdoor lifestyle, quiet, fresh air and the lack of people.

Living in the suburbs can be suffocating but one of the ways I deal with those feelings is walking, especially with our dogs.


Another favourite thing is visiting gardens. This is the Royal Botanic Garden in Cranbourne.


I hope I can keep up these activities once the baby arrives!

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  1. I think everyone should get out into the real outback every now and then. its fascinating to experience so much life it was appears be a desolate and baron environment. the feeling the big openness gives the human soul is describable unless it is experienced. It is the most natural way to recharge! i have a little goal; to get myself a small holding out there, somewhere and retreat to it whenever possible .

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