The country life

When you grow up in the country you often don’t really appreciate it. Both Ben and I grew up on farms, differing sizes and very differing experiences. One of the advantages I had was growing up in the Yarra Valley which at an hour from Melbourne gives you the best of both worlds.

Last weekend we had a wedding in Merricks North at Tussie Mussie Vineyard Retreat. Waking up to this view made me really pine for a country life.IMG_20150329_100749

For me, the dream country existence would be a lovely farmhouse with wraparound verandah, fireplace, lots of white and timber, some bush as well as an open vista and many animals.

One can dream right?

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  1. It’s important to have goals and dreams. I cant leave the Yarra Valley I only have to be in Melbourne for a day and feel unhappy. I think an urban fringe home is ideal 🙂

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