Letting go

sometimes-you-dont-feel-the-weightimage courtesy of Becoming Minimalist

Do you ever feel like this? When you let something go, the weight of it leaves you. For me, this is so true. Walking around my home with more space makes me feel lighter. Letting go of pain and emotions are harder but when you can and do, it does give you a sense of peace.

Coming into these last weeks of pregnancy is raising emotions to a level I haven’t experienced, maybe ever, or maybe just not for a long time. I’m feeling nervous about those areas of my life that are not emotionally strong, and worried about how much pressure I put on those who do hold me up. I swing from thinking I need to speak up more, to thinking I just want to forget about anything painful. I worry that some will take for granted their place in my life when this baby arrives, and that I might be surprised by that. I think about how I would deal with it, and wonder if it would be the right decision. I am without doubt not alone in experiencing these types of emotions in pregnancy, especially as a first time mother.

I found this video really helpful, it helped me to realise that even though I’m nervous and anxious, it’s really normal.

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  1. I have been trying to get rig of things and minimise etc. i have decided that for me the best way is to look around and agree with myself on things that are not in use. once i have decided what those things are I then pack them up and/or box them up and label them. I then store them (just in case) ha ha ..

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