Taking stock

I saw this over at The Shady Baker a while ago and thought I’d have a go.

Making: last week it was decorations for my baby shower

Cooking: slow cooker meals because the weather has cooled down

Drinking: coffee, soda water

Reading: The Four Streets by Nadine Dorries

Wanting: to be in less pain from pregnancy

Playing: The Eagles, the baby likes it!

Deciding: on a short list of boy and girl baby names, it’s hard!

Wishing: that the birth will be tolerable 

Enjoying: the fruits of our labour, a new wardrobe, a nursery and a shed 

Waiting: for May 12, 2015

Liking: wearing fitted maternity dresses

Wondering: will I be a good mum?

Loving: House of Cards, but Ben doesn’t want to watch it as much as I do!

Pondering: what our baby will be and look like

Considering: who to pitch an article I’ve written to 

Watching: Grand Designs  

Hoping: the baby won’t grow too big

Marvelling: at how much your body changes during pregnancy, and adapts

Needing: more sleep

Smelling: rain

Wearing: black, dresses, trackies

Following: women who are pregnant too

Noticing: how dark it is in the morning

Knowing: I need to start slowing down

Thinking: about life and how it changes so mcuh

Admiring: mums who look put together

Sorting: baby clothes and belongings

Buying: as little as possible

Getting: ready for baby

Bookmarking: advice for parents of newborns

Disliking: the pain that comes with pregnancy (I know I have repeated this!)

Opening: wardrobes and cupboards to clear them out

Giggling: at my silly husband

Feeling: tired, anxious, nervous, happy, a huge range of emotions

Snacking: fruit!

Coveting: nothing

Helping: my grandmother who recently moved

Hearing: a lot of chatter at work

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