Sweet as a bee

I had my baby shower last weekend and it was truly a lovely afternoon. My mum and sister-in-law Emily were the amazing hosts at my mum’s house. I had about 15 friends and family there and they spoilt me, we played games and ate yummy food. After a long day I was completely exhausted and definitely sugared out!


I decided early on that I loved the ‘Sweet as a bee’ theme given we don’t know the gender and I really wanted to have a go at making some decorations. My sister Mec is much more creative and she made tags for the food, but I had a go at some other things and I was pretty happy given my lack of artistic talent.




The cake was absolutely huge, I’m still eating part of it and have frozen about 1/3 of it. It was so cute though!


My sister-in-law and I. My mum would kill me if I posted a picture of her!


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  1. I very much enjoyed this gathering, the friendliness, the care and the fun had by all. looking forward to meeting the little human being .

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