How important is a babymoon?

If you are a woman, you most likely know what a babymoon is. No doubt a more recent development in the things we “must” do before having a baby, right up there with having the perfect maternity style. The pressure on women to look great, have a career, be carefree but build wealth, be healthy but work hard… Sometimes I wonder if it is all just too much.

At 28 weeks into my first pregnancy, and having always been hyper aware of marketing and advertising, I’m only too happy to point out how women are pressured to look, feel and behave during major milestones. A wedding these days has to be unique and heavily styled, with the focus shifting from marriage to the one day mentality which won’t really help in the future. All you have to do is follow a few celebrities on Instagram and you can be sure to feel like your wedding, your babymoon, your holiday, style, whatever, is just plain boring.

I am trying to stay resolute in the way I view life; simple and minimal. The least stress and money but maximum enjoyment out of each of my life milestones. And our babymoon was nothing short of this. We rented a house on the Mornington Peninsula in a small town called Coronet Bay. Our dogs loved the beach, we enjoyed walks and quiet time but all up, it was a $400 two night babymoon. I see regularly the highly polished and fancy lives of others and while I’d love to have stayed in a five star resort with an infinity pool, I’d rather have a simple life, with less debt and less pressure.


Each go their own but there is something so special about simple living.

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