A lesson in being prepared

Today, one of the ladies in a Facebook group I’m part of gave birth to her twins. She was 30 weeks and all is well but it was a huge shock for me, I know I’m getting nearer the end but it seems like forever away! Sometimes, I even forget I’m pregnant. My belly isn’t big enough to be a constant reminder! Well at least on my good days!

In any case it has meant that I want to finish everything off on my baby to do list. And that means everything! While I have the cot, its not set up and there is nowhere for it to go. So this weekend Ben has a big job ahead in helping me move stuff around to accommodate it. If we go early, at least I’ll have somewhere to put the baby!!


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  1. I hope all goes well for you this weekend Carla and Ben. I hope also that you get lots done!! It will be special to start “setting up” the baby nursery .

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