A crucial step in your renovation plans

We have owned our current home for nearly two years and while we have made a few additions and changes, they have been mostly cosmetic until we put in our bathroom recently.

Having come from a larger block and building a house previously, we have quite a lot of tools and garden equipment and while we probably don’t need it all, we still have 600 square metres that requires some tools and equipment. We don’t have a proper shed and my better half has been longing for a workshop ever since we bought our first house, as he has never really had the real deal.

But in exciting news, yesterday we received our building permit for a 6 x 3 metre shed, a carport and a verandah. We are very excited! I promise lots of pictures once the work is complete.

Oh and this also means the baby will have somewhere to sleep. haha, lucky for him or her.

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