Blinding clarity at 6am

This morning I awoke at 5.58am with blinding clarity about the next stage of my working life. For so long now, I’ve pondered ‘what should I do next’, and starting a new direction with the impending arrival of my first child seemed daunting.

But then it hit me, so clear and obvious, I was almost embarrassed at telling my husband. While it will take time and energy, and no doubt require me to continue working in PR and communications while I develop my new business, I have a feeling of being energised that I can’t recall ever experiencing. What is this new direction? You will just have to wait and see but I doubt you’ll be surprised and it’s not a stretch of the imagination.

Then as if I needed any more encouragement, I read with interest “how to start” by Sas Petherick.

I wonder how many others out there are pondering what’s next and how to get there. My advice, trust yourself, it will come to you. And when it does, trust that feeling.

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