Our 1960s bush wedding

I wasn’t one of those girls who dreams of their wedding. Although my husband Ben did propose, I knew it was coming, it wasn’t a surprise. We talked about it like we talk about a lot of things. We had been to visit the Healesville Sanctuary a week before the proposal and I instantly knew it was ‘the’ place for us to be married.

I bought my dress from a second hand shop for $220 a month later and gradually the whole planning process took place. I tried not to rush it; but as an experienced events and communications professional, it was too easy to organise, and I breezed through it all. I wanted to keep it to a low budget and was so glad I did. Nothing we spent money on was regretted. The only thing I would change if I could? We didn’t dance specifically, because he didn’t want to, but now, I wish we had, just for the photo alone. But it’s not a huge regret, there were so many moments of pure joy. Seeing my husband once I got to the altar was such a relief, it reminded me of how much I need him, how he helps me to be who I am.

We decided on a vintage feel because it’s a big part of our lives, through our home and to some extent the way we live. I didn’t want it to be too over the top, but we also wanted to include a bush element, having both grown up in the country.


my dress – a 1960s original purchased for $220. the only alteration? sleeves removed


My bouquet, which was so heavy!

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our friends and family running around behind us with sparklers1Q5A5708 1Q5A5758We had a band, did our speeches very early and generally just enjoyed the entire evening. It was magical and so much fun.

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  1. You are extraordinary Carla, i admired your ability to put it all together, the precision and simplicity. We all had a great time xo

    Patrizia Clark-Sent from my iPhone


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