A beautiful reminder of why

Just when I’m feeling sorry for myself, I get a great reminder of why I am doing this. I am so tired from only getting 3-4 hours sleep (I can’t seem to stay asleep!) and feeling pain throughout my body as a result of my hips and back.

Jensy from Born to be a Bride wrote this fantastic article about motherhood. Jensy starts her article with:

When I was pregnant, everyone was all about “warning” me about what was coming next. I walked around much of those ten (let’s face it, pregnancy is ten, not nine, months) absolutely terrified. The warnings flew at me from every angle — in the checkout line at Target, on the street, slipping my shoes on and walking out of the yoga studio. Warnings, warnings everywhere about what was to come — from the excruciating, mind-numbing pain of childbirth to the shell of my former self I was about to become once I had her. There were times I felt like a prisoner on death row, trying to force myself to enjoy some tiny luxury despite my size and discomfort, because if you asked around, apparently my petty joys would be ending pretty soon!

I am sure you will agree it is a fantastic perspective and one I hope to experience starting in the middle of May!

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