How to renovate your bathroom – part 1

Renovating a bathroom is actually quite a tricky job. It’s not as simple as other rooms or areas because you require a larger number of trades to come in and do their part.

Our bathroom was very dated, even though it had been done approximately 7 years ago, it looked much older. The previous owners hadn’t done a good job and so we decided to fix the layout, upgrade the fittings to provide a bathroom that would work for us as a family for many years.

I don’t have many before photos but you can see in these photos the tiling removed from the bath and the start of the shower being demolished. The shower was in a room with a door, like a cupboard. We decided to change it to the toilet, and move the shower into the bathroom with the bath and vanity.

IMG_20141108_141703 IMG_20141107_112409 IMG_20141107_094829 IMG_20141108_141706

The finished result from demolishing the shower resulted in this room below. It now has a toilet in it too!


The demolition was  a lot of work but with some help we had it done in a day. This week the plumber is finishing the plumbing work, the carpenter (my brother!) is finishing the carpentry, including cutting down the floor to make way for the tiling. Then on Sunday, the tiler starts. By Monday evening, we will have a fully functioning shower, just without a door! Only 6 more days of baths every morning!

Some pictures of the bathroom, plaster removed ready for plumbing, floor removed, ready for carpentry!


IMG_20141111_080101 IMG_20141111_080133

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  1. i think it will be a great improvement i was surprised at how spacious the bathroom is now. I love the Louvre window in the new toilet too 🙂

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