Choose time or money, but not both

I have anxiety and I’m OK with sharing it. 2016 has been really difficult for my family but I’ve learned a lot about myself and my anxiety. Now I know that anxiety and depression are actually far more common than we realise or care to admit. We are too scared of being vulnerable to share.

But anxiety is such a useful tool for a human if we could learn to harness it instead of trying to eradicate it.

Using anxiety as a tool can actually be advantageous.

However, the world now is obsessed with goals and achievements, with making something, with doing and accumulating things and being busy.

There is less focus now on just being. On being OK with just being.

Families could benefit greatly from learning to just be. Parents are so busy trying to make more money and provide more stuff for their children that they fail to see how important the time is that is passing us by.

My father always used to say that you can either have time or money.

In our family, we want more time.

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