Capsule wardrobe

I started my first capsule wardrobe last week thanks to the easy to follow advice from Caroline at Un-Fancy. I find her method and her posts so refreshing and inspiring. So thanks Caroline!

I’ll have to post some pictures but I have about 34 items, they don’t include workout clothes or lounge clothes and of course it’s the type of collection that I can only wear pregnant as it features a lot of maternity or roomier clothing. I’m finding it harder and harder to get dressed each day for work. Today I have resorted to wearing a maxi dress which feels casual but it is black and I have a nice cardigan on so hopefully no one notices!

Developing a capsule wardrobe is actually a great way of making getting dressed easier.

My inspiration came from this image I found on Pininterest.

I love the simple and minimal French style even though a lot of the pieces I’ve included don’t look anything like this, but slowly I’m changing my style from what was quite a vintage and unique aesthetic to a much more simple and casual style. I think it will suit me more as a mum and I just find it more relaxing. The more I embrace minimalism, the more relaxed I feel and the hungrier I am for change.

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